Acting Resume for Morgan Sendek

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One of the most moving scenes of the evening was Williamson's soft Henry watching a battle ensue and history run away from him, framed on one side by the dismay of a son who has mistakenly killed his own father, and on the other side the grief of a father who discovers that in the heat of battle he has killed his son.

- Henry the IV Part 3 review by Pamela Roberts, Broadway World

One of the best two-person exchanges of the evening was between Berenger and the Kingdom’s Girl Friday, the multi-talented Juliette, played by Morgan Sendek.

- Exit the King review by Robert Michael Oliver, DC Metro Theatre Arts

...other performances that stand out have everything to do with verbal delivery. Moth, Armado's page, is a role that relies on obtuse puns and an elite wit. Sendek ... expertly delivers Moth's lines, making them accessible to modern ears.

- Review of Love's Labour's Lost by Eric Minton, Shakespeareances

Sendek is an outstanding Puck. Her impressive acrobatic skills make her light and quick on her feet as she tumbles around the space. She’s absolutely adorable, cunning, and vibrantly full of life."
- Shakespeare in Hollywood review by Colleen Sproull, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Dazzled by your talent as Puck."
- Ken Ludwig, playwright Shakespeare in Hollywood

I grew up in Arlington, VA, where I was cast in my first community theatre production when I was 9 years old. Three years later, I fell in love with Shakespeare watching plays at Shakespeare Theatre Company. In 2012, I traveled to London to study Shakespeare and Jacobean theatre at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). In May 2014, I graduated from The Catholic University of America (CUA) with a bachelor of music degree in musical theatre. After graduating, I acted in my first short film—a parody of The Hunger Games, which sparked my love of film acting.

I enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit of collaborating on new works and I savor the tradition and challenge of bringing life to classic texts. I bring my movement and dance experience to highly physical staging and singing to everything from cabarets to Shakespearean text. I love making bold choices and hearing an audience laugh, whether I’m improvising a scene on film or speaking fresh dialogue by a fierce female playwright.

So far this year, I have performed in three plays by living female playwrights! In January 2018, I was honored to be involved with The Women’s Voices Theatre Festival for the second time, performing in the DC premiere of Waxing West by Saviana Stansecu. In May, I performed in a staged reading of Unfocused by Jean Koppen at Metro Stage. Most recently, I played The Dancer in the premiere of Jonelle Walker’s play All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, created in collaboration with Pointless Theatre as part of Rorschach Theatre’s Klecksography: Collective Ink.

This summer, I return to 4615 Theatre Company's summer repertory as Sian in Dinner and a Witch in Macbeth. Look out for my new dark comedy film Mean Cuisine, which premiered at the AFI Silver in May.