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Andy Koepke (AKA AK-47) and Morgan Sendek (AKA Meta Morgan) on set for American Esports Last Hit!

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Feature Film

Dakota Movie by Roberto Carmona

Dakota is Winning Awards at Film Festivals!

- Dakota  won Best Metro DC Film at the 2019 DC Independent Film Festival in March.

- Dakota  won four awards at the 2019 NOVA International Film & Music Festival  in Fairfax, VA in April.

  • Best Score
  • Best Editing  in a  Feature Film
  • Best Actress in a Feature Film (Phoebe Ryan)
  • The NOVA Award (Best Locally Produced Film)

- Dakota won Best Original Music at the 2019 Richmond International Film Festival in Richmond, VA.


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downloads: theater resume  |   film resume   |   headshot

downloads: theater resume  |   film resume   |   headshot